Raw, natural, organic, and uncooked food-this is the concept around which raw food diets revolve. These diets promote the consumption of food in their most basic form-from fresh fruits and vegetables to uncooked fish and meat, as well as unprocessed dairy products. Raw food advocates believe that cooking food strips it of its necessary nutrients and destroy important enzymes, causing deficiencies and health problems. To achieve good health and enjoy overall well-being, going for raw and natural food is advised.Read more in our exciting Weight Loss forum

The Components

The major components of raw food diets are organic food.

Among these are the following:

– Fruits and vegetables (dried, juiced, or simply fresh)

– Seeds, beans, and nuts

– Seaweed

– Sprouts

– Whole grains

– Raw milk and other milk derivatives like yogurt and cheese

– Raw fish (like smoked fish or sashimi)

– Raw meat (like cured meat)

Being fresh and unprocessed, many of these foods are easy to prepare. However, there are others that require overnight preparation like soaking. There are food paraphernalia and kitchen equipment common to all raw foodists like juicer, food processor, dehydrator, and blender.

The Benefits

Aside from the fact that the raw food eating pattern is more practical, cheaper, and easier to prepare, it’s also a great way to lose weight and it also offers a lot of health benefits. Among these are the following:

– It
helpful answers for primary issues for weight loss diet improves digestion due to its preservation of digestion-enhancing enzymes

– It reduces unhealthy fats and heart risks

– It reduces the occurrence of certain types of cancer

– It also reduces occurrence of cold and flu

– It gives more energy-even if you eat only a small amount of food

– It’s proven to improve the health of the skin, as well as to make a person look younger

Well, raw food diet covers everything-from health to beauty. With all …


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